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        Add: 19# Shengli East Road, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, China 

        Zip code: 233030

        Tel: +86-552-3021091 , 3021090

        Fax: +86-5552-3021091 , 3021090

        Email: dyestuffqiu@163.net


        URL: www.afrogeneration.com

        Home > Quality

        Quality is number one priority to an enterprise. Our company has established complete quality assurance system and quality inspection center in order to ensure 100% products are qualified. We can offer customers quality and reliable service.

        Quality policy:

        1, Develop market with hi-tech products;

        2, Offer quality products with strict quality management; 

        3, Meet customers' demand with the idea of "seeking better";

        4, Create the brilliance of national industry by hard work.